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Corporate Social Responsibility

How millennials & Gen Z are impacting food and beverage decisions at retail In the last blog we discussed Baby Boomers and how they influence their millennial & Gen Z children. I thought it would be interesting to look at this in reverse and show how younger folks are influencing many of the decisions we…

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Heady Times

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Believe in Beer

Spirits equalization legislation poses a threat, but beer is up to the challenge.  “After a decade of declines, the beer industry started growing again in the second half of 2019. That growth continued in 2020 and has accelerated in 2021. This change in trend has been driven by beer’s success in the fourth category –…

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Blue Moon LightSky

Welcome to the light side of the moon. For some time now, we’ve known that consumers are seeking better-for-you options, especially from brands they know and trust. Consumers are living healthier lifestyles, looking for food and alcohol choices that are low in calories and carbs, but still taste good. And Blue Moon LightSky fits the…

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Get to Know Mass Bay Brewing’s Sean Hamel

Sean Hamel is not just your local Mass Bay Brewing sales rep (home of Harpoon and UFO Beer), he’s also part owner of the company! Well, technically since 2014, all full-time Mass Bay Brewing employees own a portion of the brewery, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. In fact, as Hamel tells us, it makes…

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Maria Stipp of Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Brewing’s new CEO Maria Stipp brings her extensive experience to one of the nation’s largest craft breweries. The exhaustive process of finding a new CEO for a top 10 craft brewery can oftentimes take more than a year. But for Stone Brewing founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner, it took less than a month….

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Here’s the (Fermented) Tea

Hard kombucha harnesses all the biggest trends in beyond beer – and it’s ready to enter the mainstream. Here’s the tea: Hard kombucha is the next big thing in beer.  A bold statement, we know. But kombucha, or “booch” as it’s often called, is seeing growth, more than many industry experts ever expected. Non-alc kombucha…

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Hop Valley Brewing Co.

A New Way to IPA Hop Valley Brewing Co. is taking the nation by storm with their wildly successful, less bitter IPAs.  To the beer aficionado, “hop valley” sounds like a wonderland. You might imagine acres of Azacca, miles of Mosaic and clusters of Citra as far as the eye can see. And while the…

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Has COVID Created Another Roaring ‘20s?

Yearning for some semblance of normalcy, a sizeable portion of the public is rushing back to bars and restaurants determined to make up for the fun halted by the pandemic. But there is no going back to “business as usual”… at least not yet. Labor and product shortages, rising prices and the highly infectious Delta…

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Recovery & The New Normal

In the holiday 2020 blog, we were six months into Covid and had the ability to analyze consumer behavior and make some educated guesses about what was next. We looked at it from three perspectives: Insecurity, Transition, & Recovery. Insecurity All of us experienced some level of personal & professional insecurity in the spring of…

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