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Invoice Payment Options


What is Fintech?

Fintech is an industry payment option that allows retailers to pay for their beer deliveries electronically through an EFT clearing house.

What are the benefits?

Eliminates the need for checks, cash, money orders or prepaid accounts

Seamlessly integrates your back office or accounting systems

Invoices are paid on time and in accordance with state liquor laws

Real-time online access to invoice payments and purchase reports

Visibility into purchase habits and price discrepancies

Custom credit tracking and reconciliation tools

Improves customer service and reduces labor costs

Unlimited alcohol invoice payments for low flat rate

How can I pay through Fintech?

Or you can sign up with Fintech by contacting them via email at or by calling 1-800-572-0854.

What if I have questions?

You can reach our finance department at

Business Check, Certified Check and Money Orders

Pennsylvania is a cash on delivery state. Unless you are enrolled in Fintech, payment at delivery is required by law. Personal checks are not accepted.

Veem or Escrow

Please contact