Optimize Your Tap Lineup

Your guests’ tastes and spending preferences vary greatly – and you try to make each patron feel that there is something for them. The majority of restaurants and taverns still have a diverse customer base when it comes to preference in beer. Chances are, you have many guests that are only seeking their favorite national brand and others that are avid “beer adventurers” looking for unique craft and specialty options. If you are the typical restaurant or tavern with a diverse consumer make up, why set your draught lineup to satisfy only one type of consumer, when you can make all of your guests happy?  For the average establishment, balance is truly the key.

Studies show that almost 70% of the time consumers choose the lead brand within one of the typical five beer categories.

  • Light and full flavor Mass Domestic
  • Domestic Specialty
  • Import
  • Leading Traditional Craft
  • Leading Craft Seasonal

This means that the majority of your guests can make a selection they are delighted with from these lead brands, while leaving a solid portion of your draught system available for rotational discovery products, ensuring the happiness of both the adventurous craft beer drinker as well as the average beer consumer.


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