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Yuengling Bongo Fizz

This exciting new addition to Yuengling’s year-round portfolio, Bongo Fizz is a tropical-inspired treat from liquid to label.

When you pop open a can of Yuengling Bongo Fizz, tropical relaxation and refreshment are just a sip away. This smooth, refreshing premium beer, which delivers a juicy burst of natural mango, is the Pottsville Brewery’s latest innovation and is available year-round.

The embodiment of tropical leisure, Yuengling Bongo Fizz is a clean, crisp pilsner with a burst of natural mango flavor.

Even before taking your first sip, the label art designed for this tropical treat signals that Bongo Fizz is, shall we say, a different animal from the rest of Yuengling’s outstanding products. The playful, eye-catching label features a quirky French Bulldog and a vibrantly colored parrot both perched upon a beach chair that’s sinking into the sand.

This imagery suggests that the beer you are about to enjoy will metaphorically transport you to a tropical location where fun and relaxation are guaranteed. While holding a can of Bongo Fizz, brewery president & owner Dick Yuengling quipped that “the package is cute, but the beer is better.”

“The package is cute, but the beer is better.”

– DICK YUENGLING, Owner & President of D.G. Yuengling & Son Inc.

Yuengling may be “America’s Oldest Brewery,” but their brewmasters never stop searching for ways to delight their customers and recruit new afficionados. Their foray into fruit-forward beers is a perfect example. Using what they learned from their first fruit beer, Raging Eagle, Yuengling’s Bongo Fizz has a new & improved, delightful mango flavor.

“Keeping with our tradition of brewing a beer for everyone’s taste, we are always looking for ways to provide our customers with premium, great-tasting drinking experiences for social occasions,” said Dick. Bongo Fizz is available in 12 oz. 12-pack cans. This delightfully light, crisp and refreshing beer is ideal for all drinking occasions, especially those in the warmer months. Consumers will find this fruit-flavored brew pairs well with a variety of foods, including fresh seafood and Mexican cuisine. As summer ushers in hotter days, one thing is for sure – Yuengling Bongo Fizz fits the bill for ultimate refreshment.

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