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Why You Should Be Selling… Crushin’ It

Cape May’s Rising Star in Summer Brews

As the warm weather approaches, beer enthusiasts are gearing up for the season of refreshing, flavorful brews. Enter Cape May Brewing Company, known for putting the flavors and fun of “down-the-shore” into their beers.

A brew that has been making waves in PA and NJ is Cape May Brewing Company’s Crushin’ It, a fruited summer delight that captures the essence of the beach in every sip.

Crafted using fresh orange juice, Cape May Crushin’ It is a fruited summer delight that captures the essence of the beach in every sip.

Inspired by the iconic beach bar cocktail Orange Crush, Cape May’s Crushin’ It embodies the spirit of summer. Crafted with fresh orange juice, this IPA boasts a dangerously juicy flavor that is both refreshing and crushable, all while delivering a satisfying 8% ABV kick.

You may ask, why should I sell Crushin’ It? This beer has a proven track record of success.

“Even though it’s a seasonal product, Crushin’ It, a top 5 performer in Cape May’s portfolio, has quickly become our #1 seasonal in both draught and package formats,” notes Cape May’s Market Manager (PA & DE), Scott McIntyre. “What’s more, Crushin’ It has secured a spot in our top five brands overall. It’s honestly a remarkable feat considering its seasonal availability in the market.”

When it comes to summer sales, Crushin’ It is a powerhouse. The package variant of Crushin’ It skyrockets to #3 in overall package sales by the time summer hits, trailing only behind Cape May Brewing Co.’s flagship IPA and Coastal Evacuation. Similarly, draught ranks among the top five draught SKUs for the year, peaking at #3 in the summer.

“Though it’s a seasonal product, Crushin’ It has quickly become a top performer for Cape May Brewing Co., ranking as our #1 seasonal product in both draught and package formats.”

— SCOTT MCINTYRE, Cape May’s Market Manager (PA & DE)

You can capitalize on the popularity of Crushin’ It by taking advantage of its line extensions. Since its successful launch in 2020, Cape May Brewing Co. has experimented with other fruits from grapefruit to blueberry to mango, fulfilling consumers’ demand for innovation and variety. This year’s limited variant, Pineapple Crushin’ It, provides consumers with a unique and exciting tropical twist on the classic, ensuring that their thirst for new and exciting flavors is quenched.

Pineapple Crushin’ It provides consumers with a unique and exciting tropical twist on Crushin’ It classic, ensuring that their thirst for new and exciting flavors is quenched.

“We really know our drinkers and they have really grown with us. They’re not afraid to try new things and we’ve helped expand their palates. They’re hardworking, laid back, outdoorsy and often have a tight-knit circle of family and friends,” McIntryre adds. “We have fans far and wide and we know they’re looking for that blend of quality and nostalgia in their beer. From brunch to the beach, Crushin’ It is that go-to summer brew that our fans have really embraced over the years. It’s what vacation tastes like.”

Crushin’ It is more than just a beer; it’s a sensation that captures the essence of summer in every sip. With its refreshing flavors, strong sales performance, and innovative offerings, Crushin’ It is the perfect addition to any retailer’s lineup this summer. So why wait? Stock up on Crushin’ It today and watch as it flies off the shelves and into the hands of eager consumers looking to savor the taste of summer.

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