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Firestone Walker Mind Haze

Firestone Walker’s Mind Haze Lights Up the IPA Galaxy with Flavorful Finesse.

For the consumer who craves more than just a beer, Mind Haze is the North Star, guiding taste buds through a galaxy of flavors. It’s not just a beer, it’s a testament to Firestone’s dedication to excellence.

Mind Haze Unleashed: A Symphony of Sips

Picture this: over a year of R&D at the Venice Propagator brewhouse, a dash of craft magic and voilà – Mind Haze is born. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill hazy IPA; this is a Firestone masterpiece, a sip-worthy symphony that dances on your taste buds with finesse. It’s not just a beer, it’s an experience.

Juicy yet balanced and loaded with an array of fresh tropical hop flavors, Firestone Walker Mind Haze is a hazy IPA done the Firestone Walker way. When it was released back in 2019, industry publication Uproxx called it “one of the most well-rounded, complex hazy IPAs on the market.” Others agreed.

“[Mind Haze] is one of the most well-rounded, complex hazy IPAs on the market.”


Eye Candy in a Can: Mind Haze’s Visual Revamp

Since it was released in 2019, Mind Haze has become Firestone Walker’s No. 2 largest brand family.

But wait, there’s more to Mind Haze than just what meets the taste buds. It’s undergone a packaging glow-up, turning heads and catching eyes. This modern-day elixir demands attention from craft veterans and newcomers alike. Because in the craft beer game, visual appeal is half the battle.

Mind Haze by the Numbers: It’s Not Bragging if It’s True

Alright, let’s talk numbers – the kind that make other beers jealous. Mind Haze proudly claims the title of California’s #2 best-selling hazy IPA and is among the top five sold nationally. With a hazy IPA style growth rate of 25 percent across the U.S., Mind Haze is riding a wave that shows no signs of slowing.

Cooler Space: Reserved for the Truly Worthy

Firestone Walker is looking to reinvigorate the Mind Haze brand in 2024 with a refreshed look and new variety pack.

So, why should you make room for Mind Haze in your cooler? Well, it’s not just a matter of space; it’s about giving the people what they want – a tried-and-true brew that they can rely on. Mind Haze isn’t a one-hit wonder; it’s a commitment backed by serious investments. With the packaging updates supported by a media spend that makes even the big dogs jealous, Mind Haze is here for the long haul.

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