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21st Amendment Brew Free! Or Die Gets a REFRESH

Celebrating the “Right to be Original,” the guys who helped define the West Coast IPA style have once again liberated their creative energies to forge a new path forward. The founding lads of 21st Amendment Brewery dared to tweak perfection, giving their mega-successful Brew Free! Or Die IPA a modern taste & look.

“Those who have tasted freedom, shall forever brew free!” said Abe Lincoln never. But he would have if 21st Amendment’s iconic IPA, Brew Free! Or Die, had been around in the 1800s. You see, next to great beer, Honest Abe loved a good story. Just like the guys who founded this OG West Coast brewery.

Co-founders Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan have been on an extraordinary journey since opening their San Francisco brewpub in 2000. While some would be content to let the past do all the talking, these men fearlessly continue to “Brew Free.” The founders decided it was time to write their next chapter by updating one of their flagship IPAs while paying tribute to a beer that defined an era.

The look of Brew Free! Or Die has been upgraded with a new, green background that replaced the orange to give it a jolt and Honest Abe now has a ‘Mount Rushmore’ kind of prominence.

Brewmaster Shaun O’Sullivan was up for the challenge. He approached this iconic beer’s refresh with the past in mind. His modern take on this beloved original uses New World hops including Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Cashmere and El Dorado. The robust hop flavors and aromas of grapefruit peel, lemon rind and peppery pine sap balanced by a restrained malt bill updates this classic in a way that contemporary beer enthusiasts will appreciate.

But it’s not just Brew Free!’s recipe that’s been modernized. Freccia and O’Sullivan also want their new graphics to be a part of the conversation. “We have always known that a great label invites you in visually for a taste. The best labels evoke emotion and make you want to pick it up, take a closer look, and ultimately make the purchase,” they explained. “Artistically, both the liquid and the artwork are an expression of who we are and how important every detail is to us. So, we changed the background color from orange to green to give it a jolt and gave Honest Abe a ‘Mount Rushmore’ kind of prominence. The label art for a monumental beer like Brew Free! Or Die has to convey that this liquid is something special.”

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