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Turn Up the Tunes with Dogfish Head

Celebrate Record Store Day with pitch-perfect offerings from “the beer geeks with music problems.”

DFH x Record Store Day

As the Official Beer of Record Store Day for eight consecutive years, Dogfish Head is celebrating this year’s holiday, slated for Saturday, April 22, with a partnership with WXPN’s “Homegrown Originals” and the release of a new, music-themed beer, Catchy Chorus!

Mandarin Mango Crush

Mandarin Orange & Mango Crush is a fruit beer inspired by the classic Mid-Atlantic crush cocktail. Brewed with a base of pilsner malt, it’s fermented with loads of tart mandarin orange and juicy Alphonso mangoes. It’s crisp and lightly sweet with a refreshing citrusy tartness and a crisp, dry finish… like a sip of summer.

ABV: 6%

Package: 12 oz. cans (4/6) and 1/2 kegs

Song Pairing: What else but R.E.M.’s classic, Orange Crush?

Availability: Now!

120 Minute Aged in Utopia Barrels

What you have here is a very special version of DFH’s 120 Minute IPA. This beer was continually hopped over the entire boil, then aged for a year in freshly emptied Utopias barrels.

ABV: 15-20%

Package: 12 oz. bottles (6/4) and 1/6 kegs

Song Pairing: For the edition of Dogfish Head’s Minute series with the longest continuous hopping session (and most punch!), we have to go with an equally iconic song with a long runtime — Stairway to Heaven. But to truly nail the collaborative energy of 120 Minute and Sam Adams’ Utopias, check out the version performed by Heart at the Kennedy Center Honors (which was so powerful it brought Robert Plant to tears!)

Availability: Now!

Wake Up World Wide Stout

Brewed with ingredients that highlight organic, regenerative and sustainable practices, this World Wide Stout is back with a wakeup call. Regeneratively grown malts, organic maple syrups and coffee, as well as oat milk, give it a balanced breakfast flavor and attitude.

ABV: 16-18%

Package: 12 oz. bottles (6/4)

Song Pairing: We love a beer with a message as powerful as its ABV. Pair this one with the equally potent The Times They Are A-Changin’ by Bob Dylan.

Availability: Now!

Off-Centered Summer Variety Pack

This off-centered variety pack inspires consumers to grab more than just a 12-pack on their way to the party. This new Variety Pack features: new Citrus Squall, the perfect storm of double golden ale and paloma goodness as well as SeaQuench Ale, 60 Minute IPA and Blue Hen Pilsner.

Package: 12 oz. cans (2/12)

Song Pairing: We made you a little playlist for this one — Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane, Jimmy Buffett Boat Drinks, Billy Ward & The Dominos Sixy Minute Man and George Thorogood & the Destroyers Delaware Slide.

As a bunch of beer geeks with music problems, Record Store Day is always one of our favorite days of the year here at Dogfish Head. We are honored to continue our partnership with Record Store Day, working alongside them to bring together independent beer and independent music stores, and what better way to do just that than by brewing a beer rooted in the notes that collectively create so many top hits!

Sam Calagione, Founder & Brewer, Dogfish Head

Sam at the Shore

Are your customers looking to kick off summer in true off-centered style? All are welcome to meet Dogfish Head’s founder, Sam Calagione, at the Jersey Shore June 5th – 6th. He will be in Atlantic City on Monday, 6/5, and then Wildwood and Cape May on 6/6. More details to come!

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