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Get Ready for The Big Game

Fans are set to guzzle 325.5 million gallons of beer (that’s 50 million cases!) during the Big Game weekend – that’s enough to fill an Olympic-sized pool nearly 2000 times! Gear up for this year’s epic showdown with gametime programs and fantastic brews that football fans will be looking for!

Coors Light is Bringing Back its Iconic Chill Train for the Big Game!

In addition to an ad during the Big Game, Coors Light is also looking to give fans in the U.S. (21+) a seat on the Chill Train. Through CGI technology, “passengers” will be placed on the Coors Light Chill Train in a special, online-only extended cut of the ad. Not only will passengers see themselves in the ad, they’ll get a contract, $500 in talent fees and limited-edition commemorative swag. Fans have a chance to book their seats online starting on Sunday, Jan. 28!

Coors Light & Miller Lite Make the Right Call for Big Game

Coors Light and Miller Lite are helping football fans score big for the biggest game of 2024. For this “Make the Right Call” promotion, running from now through February 5th, consumers can answer a series of “this or that” questions and make Big Game predictions. Participants will them be paired with the beer and partner brands that match their Big Game style.

Grab Big Flavor for the Big Game

Twisted Tea is gearing up for the Big Game 2024 with a shopper-centric program encouraging drinkers to Grab Big Flavor for the Big Game. Drive trade-up purchase during one of the biggest beer holidays of the year and help drinkers to Keep it Twisted for their watch parties.

This Calls for a Cold Snap

Spring is calling and things are heating up. Bowl games, the Big Game, March Madness, Spring Training and *slightly* warmer weather. What we’ve been anticipating for months is so close we can taste it… and it tastes like a hazy white ale with a squeeze of citrus. It’s time to celebrate… This calls for a Cold Snap!

Samuel Adams Prime Time Beers Variety Packs

Score big with Samuel Adams Prime Time Variety Packs — a triumphant touch to your game day playbook, ensuring each sip is a celebration of flavor and victory. Samuel Adams’ new 2/12 spring variety packs, available in both bottles and cans, feature Cold Snap and three new beers: Postseason IPA, Red Zone Lager and Breakaway Blonde Ale.

Evil Genius Playoffs!?!

Gear up for the big game with Evil Genius’ playoff beer — a sip of strategy and triumph. Like a Creamsicle without the brain freeze, this full-bodied IPA is dry-hopped with Azacca and Motueka hops and dosed with natural orange and vanilla flavor. Evil Genius thought about putting a wooden stick in it for that authentic Creamsicle experience, but decided against it.

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