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Get Lucky: Stock Up for St. Pat’s!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our SPD programs and top-notch brews! Cheers to making this the best one yet.

Lucky Programs

Enjoy An Irish Neighbor!

This St. Patrick’s Day, Narragansett wants consumers to enjoy an Irish Neighbor: half Narragansett Lager, half stout. In the off-premise, display Narragansett Lager next to Irish stouts with Narragansett’s Irish Neighbor POS to encourage consumers to purchase both Guinness Stout AND Narragansett Lager to make Half & Halfs.

In the on-premise, offer your customers an Irish Neighbor!

1. Fill a pint glass halfway with Narragansett Lager

2. Pour Guinness Stout slowly over a spoon on top of the ’Gansett

3. Bottoms up!

You can also offer your customers a variation of the traditional Irish Neighbor with ’Gansett Lager and an Irish whiskey shot. Not only does it upsell customers to get a beer and a shot, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Customers can…

1. Order a Narragansett Lager & a shot of Irish whiskey

2. Take the shot and chase it with a swig of ’Gansett

3. Enjoy!

Available POS and social media will let consumers know to enjoy an Irish Neighbor this St. Patrick’s Day, whether celebrating at home or at their favorite bar.

Did You Know?

Guinness has a long and storied history, dating back to its establishment in 1759. Despite being one of Ireland’s oldest beers and being available in over 100 countries, it may not always receive the recognition it deserves.

Check out this article in IrishCentral to find out why Guinness, one of Ireland’s oldest beers and among the most internationally recognized brands, is highly underrated!

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