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The Dubliner on the Delaware

An Authentic Irish Experience on Main Street in New Hope

An Authentic Irish Experience on Main Street in New Hope
In 2015, Robert Lynch opened the Dubliner on the Delaware in the peaceful, northern end of New Hope, Bucks County. The walls of his Irish pub are adorned with hurling sticks, Gaelic football jerseys and pictures of iconic Irish musicians. And, while guests at the bar enjoy traditional Irish fare, they can always catch a soccer match on TV. Although it took Lynch a bit of time to find his footing, The Dubliner has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years. Now, as a result of his patience, work ethic and branding strategy, The Dubliner is recognized as one of the few authentic, traditional Irish pubs in Bucks County.
Heady Times (HT): Tell us a little bit about The Dubliner and how it got its name.
Robert Lynch (RL): My father, Bob Lynch, was a part of the Dubliners, a well-known Irish folk band from Dublin. The name was chosen to honor him, as well as the culture and history of Ireland. My goal was to bring a legitimate Irish pub to New Hope. We offer great beer, host private parties and have live music weekly. We can accommodate larger parties with no problem and strive to get everyone together for a good time.
HT: Music is obviously a big part of The Dubliner. How do you choose the musicians who perform?
RL: I try to stick to Irish acts and book groups that have a good following. I’ll listen to recommendations, but I do my own research because I want musicians that will draw a good crowd. Everything we do here is about creating an authentic Irish pub experience. When it comes to music, you want the room to be packed. On the first and last Sunday of each month, we hold traditional Irish jam sessions. We encourage musicians of all ages to come sit in a circle and play classic Irish tunes. It builds community – they’re all very proud of their roots.
HT: Everything about The Dubliner revolves around authenticity. Do you think that’s what keeps customers coming back?
RL: Absolutely. It took a little while, but I’m thrilled about how far we’ve come. I want everything to be the best – a genuine Irish pub experience – from the look and feel of the place, to the food & beer selection. Our Irish Breakfast, which consists of Tommy Maloney’s Irish bacon rashers, breakfast sausages, black & white pudding, two eggs, baked beans and grilled tomatoes (served all day) is shipped in from Ireland, while the traditional brown bread and Irish stew are made in-house.
The building used to be red brick, but the township allowed me to paint it black and gold, just like traditional Irish pubs, making it more identifiable and differentiating it from the previous business. Top that off with our selection of traditional Irish beer and we have everything!
HT: Speaking of beer, do most of your customers drink Guinness?
RL: I’ve tried to sell other beers, but Guinness and other Irish brews like Harp, Smithwick’s and Guinness Blonde are our top sellers, no matter what. We serve our customers the best pint of Guinness in Bucks County, which comes down to the quality of the pour. Any time of the day or year, people come in here looking for a pint of Guinness. Our customers also love the Guinness beer cocktails like a Black & Blue made with Blue Moon, a Snakebite made with Magners, and of course, Black & Tans and Half & Halfs.
HT: What is a typical St. Patrick’s Day like? It must be crazy. 
RL: We try to simplify St. Patrick’s Day as much as possible. The menu is pared down to classic Irish fare, we stock up on Guinness and of course, I schedule the best musicians to play all day long. It’s a lot of fun.
HT: How has Origlio helped your business over the years?
RL: Origlio is always responsive. Our sales rep is here whenever we need anything. If we need extra product on the weekend, my rep makes sure we get what we need. At the end of the day, Origlio always makes sure we never run out of Guinness! Around St. Patrick’s Day, the company is beyond valuable, helping us plan and stock up on supplies that keep the day organized. Program execution, getting proper signage and running promotions always add to what we do here. • 34 N. Main Street, New Hope • 215-693-1816