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As the Official Beer of Paramount’s Yellowstone, Coors Banquet is Winning the West, All Over Again

It’s not often that legacy beers exceed expectations, but Coors Banquet is doing just that. Sales are up by 12% – and that’s before consumers have the chance to “Live Like A Dutton.”

Not too long ago, Molson Coors’s newly appointed President of U.S. Sales Brian Feiro, addressed a gathering of industry insiders at a seminar in New York City and said, “Beer is back.” And as an illustration of his belief, Feiro went on to reveal to the crowd that Coors Banquet is America’s fastest-growing domestic premium.

Despite being one of the oldest brands in the Molson Coors portfolio, Banquet had one of its most successful selling years in 2022 and is one of the fast-growing in sales across the portfolio.

It’s always difficult to pinpoint why some brands are more successful than others, but Coors Banquet is a brand with real history. Brewed in Golden, Colorado since 1873, it was nicknamed “Banquet Beer” by the miners of Clear Creek Canyon, who drank it in banquet halls (or in huge banquet tents when there were no halls). After 150 years of continuous production, calling this beer an authentic American classic would almost be an understatement.

And that’s why Coors Banquet is the exclusive beer of Paramount’s hit series Yellowstone. The relationship between Coors Banquet and Yellowstone began in 2018 when the iconic Coors Banquet cans and stubby bottles made cameos throughout the show. Product placements only succeed when they look like they are an authentic part of the story, and Coors Banquet goes along with the western drama of Yellowstone like a cowboy and spurs.

The relationship between Coors Banquet and Yellowstone began in 2018 when the iconic Coors Banquet cans and stubby bottles made cameos throughout the show.

When Yellowstone’s pre-eminent ranch hand Rip and his wife Beth Dutton take long swigs from Coors Banquet’s iconic stubby bottle, the scene couldn’t be more, well… authentic. After the success of previous cameos, the two brands decided to form an official partnership for season five in 2022 to make Coors Banquet the show’s official beer and retail partner for the season.

To celebrate Coors Banquet becoming Yellowstone’s official beer partner in the show’s fifth season, the brands are also partnering to send one winner and three friends on a trip to the Big Mountain Ranch in Whitefish, Montana where they’ll be able to “Live Like A Dutton’’ for a weekend.

To kick off the relationship, the brand worked with the show to give fans the ultimate Yellowstone experience by creating the “Live Like A Dutton” sweepstakes. The winner of the grand prize will take three friends to a ranch in Montana where they will participate in Yellowstone-inspired activities like horseback riding, roping and family-style dinners. To complete the experience, the winner will receive all the gear needed to enjoy drinking Coors Banquet in true Dutton style, courtesy of western outfitter, Seager. Fans can go to to learn more.

Season five of Yellowstone will eventually come to an end, but there’s plenty more in store for Coors Banquet. 2023 marks the beer’s 150th anniversary, with events and programming planned for later this year.

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