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About Killians:

The original George Killian brewed the first batch of Enniscorthy Ruby Ale, the inspiration for George Killian’s Irish Red. He just wanted a better beer to share with his friends. He then founded Mill Park Brewery in Enniscorthy, Ireland, so he could share his ruby-colored ale with all of Ireland. The Killian family had raised horses for a long time. And before cars, horses were used to deliver beer to the pubs in southeastern Ireland near Enniscorthy. It’s even a Killian’s family legend that the horses knew the way home, even when the driver may have lost his way! In 1981 George Killian Lett III brought George Killian’s Irish Red recipe to America. In 2006 George Killian’s Irish Stout was introduced at the Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, OH. Today, the 6th and 7th generation of the George Killian family, Douglas and his son Killian work hard to share the beer that bears their family’s name with as many friends as possible.

Products from Killians:

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