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Stan Kelly

Service Manager - Origlio Reading

How long have you been with Origlio? Almost a year and a half.

Have you held any other positions within the company? I started with Origlio as one of the Warehouse Operations Supervisors on second shift and then moved to first shift back in September. In April I was promoted to the Service Manager.

What does it take to be a top-notch Service Manager? To be top-notch, not just in my position but in any, I think the key is to be patient. We can’t conquer the world in one day. I also believe it’s important to look at the bigger picture when making decisions and not to make them emotionally. My job is to make everyone else’s job around me easier.

What do you like most about your job? The different personalities and people I interact with daily.

What is the most challenging part of your job? The most challenging part of my job is working with Eagles fans. I am a Cowboys fan, and it becomes very distracting hearing the cries and whimpers after they are having a disappointing season.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? If I am not spending time with family and friends, then I am either watching or playing sports.

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be, past or present? Kobe Bryant, Denzel Washington and Bernie Mac.

What are 3 things on your bucket list? I would like to visit Italy, attend a Super Bowl and play a round of golf at Pebble Beach.

What are your favorite summer activities? I love spending time outdoors in the summer and enjoying the weather. So, you will catch me playing cornhole, cooking out or fishing.

If you could be anywhere, drinking any beer… I’d be on an island somewhere drinking a Dogfish 60 Minute IPA.