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Dan Druding


In the three years that Dan Druding has worked at Origlio’s Philadelphia location as a warehouseman, he has impressed everyone with the energy & enthusiasm he brings to his job every day. Moving effortlessly from one task to another, Dan picks orders, jockeys and loads trucks – all with remarkable accuracy. His supervisor, Vince Sannelli, describes Druding as a Jack of all trades and a great team player who puts maximum effort into everything he does.

To be a top-notch warehouseman you must… work hard and be a team player.

What do you find most challenging about your job? Picking up the pace and accurately completing tasks is challenging when the warehouse is very busy and backed up. That’s when I appreciate the camaraderie I have with the people I work with. It makes for a better day.

What advice would you give a new warehouseman? Don’t hesitate to ask questions, put your time in and work hard.

Do you have any favorite spring activities? I really enjoy Phillies spring training.

The last TV show you binged was… Cheers.

Your all-time favorite movie is… GoodFellas.

What’s on your bucket list? I would love to take a trip to Ireland, visit Italy and try iFLY (indoor skydiving).

If you had your own talk show, name 3 people from the past or present you’d like to interview. Michael Jordan, Brian Dawkins and my grandfather.

Finally, if you could be anywhere, drinking any adult beverage… I would be on a sunny beach in Florida with an ice-cold Twisted Tea in hand.