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Amy Peiffer

Pricing Manager

Amy Peiffer has worked in Origlio’s finance department for 18 years. She was hired to work in accounts payable, and as Origlio has grown through the years, her responsibilities have too. Now a pricing manager, Peiffer works hard setting up new products, promotions and rebates, verifying accuracy of costs & pricing to retailers, implementing price increases, creating price letters and various notifications. The toughest challenge for her in this role is juggling and prioritizing all those tasks, but she has “always enjoyed working with numbers and tackling various pricing issues.” And she enjoys her co-workers too – one of whom is her husband, Ethan, who works as a Brand Manager. They met at Origlio and have three children together.

To be a top-notch pricing manager, you must… Pay attention to detail! There are a lot of moving parts with different pricing functions and it’s important to stay on top of all of it.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? I like to ski, attend sporting events & concerts, and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Do you have any favorite summer activities? I love beach and lake house vacations, but I also enjoy just relaxing in my backyard with my family. Life is better in flip flops!

What are three things on your bucket list? I would love to go skiing out west, visit the Grand Canyon and go to another Phillies Championship parade!

The last TV show you binged was… Ted Lasso.

Your favorite movie of all time is… A League of Their Own.

If you could be anywhere, drinking any alcoholic beverage… I’d be at a tailgate for a concert or a baseball game in the warm sunshine with my husband and friends drinking an Allagash White!