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About Rodenbach:

Over the past two centuries, Rodenbach has earned its status as one of the most awarded breweries in the world. It's recognized by Belgium as a National Treasure and revered by those who know, love and appreciate sour beer all over the world. Rodenbach ages its beers for a minimum of two years in standing oak casks (foeders), which are as iconic and legendary as the beers themselves. Each foeder is hand-made and maintained by the brewery’s Coopers (barrel makers), with some holding as much as 17,000 gallons of beer. With 294 foeders at the brewery in West Flanders, Belgium – Rodenbach has the largest collection of wood-aged beer in the world. After living at the brewery while learning its heritage and how to brew its beers, Master Brewer Rudi Ghequire expertly crafts each award-winning Rodenbach sour beer to be unique and unforgettable.