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About Allkind:

Allkind Hard Kombucha was founded by the kombucha-crazed brewers at Odell Brewing Co. in Fort Collins, Colorado. As an employee-owned brewery with over 30 years of experience in fermentation, they were able to pursue their dream of brewing a 100% gluten-free and SCOBY-fermented hard kombucha. The result is a hard kombucha brewed by real people whose passion is steeped in tradition. Brewed to be kind to each other and the planet, Allkind Hard Kombucha is made with thoughtful ingredients and complex flavors. It’s also organic and probiotic! What more could you want? With zero carbs and zero sugar, these SCOBY-fermented hard kombuchas are positively alive! Allkind is a shelf stable product with a 12-month enjoy by date. The final product is not pasteurized.