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It is a rare thing for a business to survive fire, takeover bids, Prohibition, the Depression, two world wars and absolute destruction in an explosion. Rarer still, for that same business to be managed by the same family that founded it-- 132 years and six generations later. But that is exactly what the Oland family has done with the historic Moosehead Breweries. The history of the Moosehead Breweries, located in Saint John, New Brunswick, is a remarkable and unique testament to the power of family and tradition. The Moosehead saga began in 1867, when Susannah Oland first brewed a solitary batch of brown October ale in her backyard in Nova Scotia. Encouraged by the welcome reception her beer received from friends and family members, Susannah and her husband, John James Dunn Oland, began to market the beer. Moosehead Breweries Limited is Canada's oldest independent brewery, the third largest brewery in the country and the only brewery in the Maritimes to be locally owned and operated. 

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