Straub Brewery

At age 19 (in 1869), Peter Straub traveled to the U.S. and settled in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, working at the Eberhardt and Ober Brewing Company. In 1872, Peter settled in St. Marys, PA where he worked at the Windfelder Brewery, which later became the Luhr Brewery. In the early 1870s, Peter was hired by Francis Sorg as Brewmaster and manager for his brewery. The standard Straub Brewery founding date of 1872 reflects when Peter first moved to St. Marys and began brewing. He did not own the brewery until 1878. Early on, Peter introduced his sons to the world of brewing. Straub used wooden kegs for his beer and always placed a red band around his barrels to ensure that people would know they were drinking his beer. As a lasting trademark tribute to Peter, the brewery continues to place a bright red band around each of its barrels. Red has become a trademark color for the brewery. Following Peter's death in 1913, his sons assumed control of the brewery, renaming it the Peter Straub & Sons Brewery. The recipe for Straub beer is little changed, other than advances in technology and transportation, since the days when Peter and his sons were at the helm. In a world of large, national breweries, the Straub Brewery comfortably remains a small regional macrobrewery and one of only a few that is still owned and operated by its founding family.

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