Sixpoint Brewery Sixpoint was founded within an 800 square foot garage in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 2004. Prior to that, Founder and President, Shane C. Welch had brewed over 1,000 individual batches of beer in his kitchen, basement and garage at home, making up the wide spectrum of creative styles available today. The name “Sixpoint” is derived from the ancient six-pointed brewer’s star, which has been a symbol of purity that adorned breweries and barrels since the Middle Ages. The intention behind Sixpoint is to honor and respect the rich traditions, heritage and culture of beer brewing while forging ahead to creatively generate new styles and build strong relationships within the community. All of the current Sixpoint canned offerings are based upon these original homebrewed recipes. They have specifically chosen cans as their packaging format because research and testing showed it protected the beer from light and oxidation the best, and was the least energy and resource intensive way to deliver the creations customers have demanded for years.

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