Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has a proud history as one of the pioneers of craft brewing. Critics proclaim their beers as “among the best brewed anywhere in the world.” Sierra Nevada was established in 1979 by homebrewers, Ken Grossman and co-founder, Paul Camusi. In 1976 Ken opened a “homebrew shop” and two years later Ken and Paul created a first-rate microbrewery. The ingredients were premium, including huge amounts of hops that would become the brewery’s trademark. Ken, an avid back packer, named the brewery after his favorite hiking grounds - the Sierra Mountains. In 1980, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. brewed the first batch of what was to become a landmark in American craft brewing - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The brewery is extremely dedicated to operating in the most environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly manner possible.

From the Frenzy of Fermentation, A Beast is Born The folks in Chico, CA set out on a journey to find the best ingredients, capture the wildest cultures and explore the tastiest yeasts. They adventured every orchard, every field and left no SCOBY unturned until they held the perfect harvest. Then, they formed it, crafted it and shaped this odd yeast into a hungry beast. As it grew, they fed it bits of certified organic ingredients. Thrashing with bold flavors, the beast broke free.  Will you feed your curiosity, before curiosity feeds on you? 


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