Paulaner Brewery

The Paulaner Brewery, founded by monks in 1634, has played a significant role in establishing Munich's reputation as the "Beer Center of the World." The monks began a still-standing tradition of slow, handcrafted brewing using only the four basic ingredients of brewing: barley, hops, yeast and water. Paulaner Brauerei AG is the leading brewery in Bavaria and the name Paulaner is known around the world. The brewery produces the world's number one selling Oktoberfest and is reknown for introducing the world's first Hefe-Weizen and Double Bock beers.

The history of the Hacker-Pschorr Brewery can be traced back as far as 1417. It was founded in Munich, Germany, 99 years before the enactment of the Rheinheitsgebot Purity Law of 1516. The Hacker-Pschorr brewing process has remained virtually unchanged for over 580 years. Something this good just isn't fooled with.

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