Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co.

Forgotten Boardwalk will engage people’s curiosity by empowering drinkers to learn more about the process, its ingredients and all the tall tales to match. Jamie Queli started out as a beer enthusiast who became a homebrew hobbyist. Now, she is able to add brewery owner to her resume. The New Brunswick resident is the founder of Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co. which took over the former Flying Fish Brewery building left vacant in Cherry Hill, NJ. Opening a full-fledged brewery, complete with a boardwalk-themed tasting room, seemed like the next logical step for her. Having grown up at the Jersey Shore, Queli installed two skeeball games, a spin wheel and funhouse mirrors in the tasting room, instilling both the memories of her time there, and creating an experience for visitors. While visiting shorelines and coasts throughout her adult years, Queli found herself seeking out the odd history of these places. Many of the tales told to her were lost stories, but ones that were not completely forgotten – this is the vision for the brewery and the beer.  Each Forgotten Boardwalk brew tells an old forgotten story that took place around the boardwalk. Head Brewer, David Bronstein was employed for over seven years at Sly Fox Brewing Company where he spent the last four as their head brewer. 

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