The roots of the Rodenbach family tree grow from the banks of the Rhine river in Germany, in the town of Andernach. Ferdinand Rodenbach, a young military surgeon in the Austrian army, settled in Roeselare after being held as a prisoner of war in France. He was not a brewer, but he was destined to add a great deal of flavor to a young Belgian nation. Incredibly, it was the blind Alexander Rodenbach who started the brewery and laid the foundation for its success. In 1820, he bought a local brewery, the St. George, and re-christened it Brewery Rodenbach. In 1870, Eugene Rodenbach traveled to England to study British brewing techniques. It was there that he discovered the secrets of acidifying beer by aging it in wood. To popular acclaim, British brewers had been using the technique since at least the 17th century to balance out the bitter flavors of their hoppy ales by blending them with older, sour wood-aged ale. Eugene returned to Belgium with enough knowledge and insight to begin his own experiments. Little did he know that he was laying the foundation for a world classic.

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