Wearing Their Hearts on Their Sleeves

April 18, 2016
From a brewery’s perspective, what more could you want from a loyal customer than to have your logo permanently inked on a fan’s skin? Few breweries know brand loyalty quite like Yuengling. The brewery’s marketing coordinator Stephanie Hemmann says, “We have a bunch of die-hard fans that have tattooed themselves with our logos!” It’s obvious that there are few things aficionados of America’s Oldest Brewery won’t do.


The founder of Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware credits DFH-tattooed drinkers with much of the brewery’s success. In his newest book, Off-Centered Leadership: The Dogfish Head Guide to Motivation, Collaboration & Smart Growth, Sam Calagione reveals, “Through the years I have met, personally thanked and high-fived tens of thousands of hardcore Dogfish fans who have acted as our own evangelists, introducing their friends to our beers, showing fierce loyalty to the brand with their Dogfish tattoos.”


Nashville-based tattoo artist Katelyn Irvine has experience on both sides of the tattoo gun when it comes to beer tattoos. “I have three beer-themed tattoos. Several have been done while drinking beer. The first one was the Yuengling eagle on my thigh. It was my favorite beer at the time and because I’m from Philadelphia, the brewery’s Pennsylvania heritage was important to me.


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