Trenton Road Takeout

May 16, 2018
Levittown, Bucks County resident and owner of Trenton Road Takeout Mike Feinman has the beer business in his blood. His father Leo Feinman opened Trenton Road Tavern in 1970 and Mike, a graduate of Penn State, has worked in the family business since ’74. When Mike took over the business, takeout sales began to boom and in 1986, he changed the name of the business to Trenton Road Takeout (TRT). Today, this busy bottle shop, which offers one of the best beer selections in the area, is thriving, thanks to Mike and his daughter, Nicole, who understand the importance of selection, connection and community.

Heady Times (HT): Your nickname is SMAS. What does that stand for?
Mike Feinman (MF): It stands for Sir Mix-a-Six. Years ago, when we began selling single serves, my daughter started calling me that, and it stuck. People got sick of using the whole name, so it was shortened to SMAS (pronounced Smaz).
HT: With all the new products entering the market weekly, how do you choose which beers to bring in?
MF: My sales reps offer suggestions, but honestly, I’ll bring in whatever I can fit in the store. We like to offer everything on the spectrum, from the $1.45 can of beer to the $45.00 bottle. As we all know by now, customers crave variety and that’s what I want to offer. But my best asset is my daughter, Nicole. She’s so well informed on all the latest brews. They call her the Queen of Untappd.
Nicole Feinman (NF): My dad doesn’t drink, so he relies on me to try the beers for him and let him know which I think will sell. I won’t lie, I have my fair share of check-ins on Untappd.
MF: Origlio’s Sunday email blasts are helpful too.
NF: Yes! And Heady Times. I always read the publication when it arrives and circle products that I think my father should bring in.
HT: What do you do with beer that doesn’t sell?
MF: I put it on the ‘shit that ain’t sellin’ rack. There’s nothing wrong with it – it’s good beer. It’s just not what people are wanting at the time. If I discount them, nine times out of ten, they’ll find a home.
HT: Social media seems to play a big role in your business. Which platform do you think is most impactful?
MF: Social media is the best marketing and sales tool around. And it’s free! I fancy myself an expert at this point. We have over 10,000 followers on Facebook, so I use that most often. I post about new products coming in, events we’re holding and beers we currently have on tap [TRT offers a growler fill station and customers are welcome to enjoy an 8 or 16 oz. pour, while they browse the store]. Once I post a photo of new arrivals, those beers are then displayed on shelves I have allocated for beers ‘as seen on social media’. These shelves are adorned with shelf talker-like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram icons, so my customers know exactly where to look for a beer I’ve posted about. I enjoy interacting with my followers and I’ll aside special brews for people who ask. Occasionally I’ll throw in a photo of my grandchildren or my dogs – I think it relays a human connection and allows my customers to get to know me on a personal level.
HT: Do you use social media to connect to brewers as well?
MF: Definitely. Every time I post about a beer, I tag the brewery and the wholesaler, in hopes they will repost. It helps build and strengthen relationships between me and the breweries as well as my customers. I am very proud of the fact that we have become a destination beer store, and I know I have social media to thank for it. People come from all around PA, NJ, NY and even Virginia to purchase beer from us. We reach a ton of people.
HT: You’re a big proponent of giving back to the community. Which charity is closest to your heart?
MF: That’s easy – It’s a Ruff Life Rescue. I love dogs and I’m passionate about finding homes for rescues. In May, we’re holding an adoption event that will include beer & wine samplings and food trucks. It should be a great time and hopefully some dogs will be adopted.
For all the details on this and future pet adoption events, follow Trenton Road Takeout on Facebook. • 1024 Trenton Rd., Fallsington • 215-736-1389
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