Primanti Bros. Lancaster

July 19, 2018
Primanti Bros. has come a long way since it began as a modest sandwich business in Pittsburgh during the Great Depression. What started with one man selling hearty sandwiches to hungry truckers is now a nearly 50 location operation. But what sets their one-year-old location in Lancaster apart is general manager, or “head coach” in Primanti Bros. lingo, Matt Peterman. A 15-year veteran of the restaurant industry, Peterman has been working tirelessly to ensure this establishment caters to families, foodies and sports fans alike.
Heady Times (HT): What is the best-selling item on your menu? 
Matt Peterman (MP): Our signature sandwich, which Primanti Bros. has been making for over 85 years. It consists of fresh-baked Italian bread, your choice of meat, Provolone cheese, fresh cut French fries, house-made coleslaw and tomatoes.
HT: Which beers do you think pair best with your menu? 
MP: Probably a traditional pilsner or something else light and refreshing. Our portions will fill you up, so a beer on the lighter side would be best.
HT: Tell us about your beer lineup. 
MP: We have 24 draught lines and carry a wide range of products, everything from standard domestics like Coors Light and Miller Lite to local crafts like Spring House and Evil Genius. We’re known for our happy hours, when all alcoholic beverages are half price.
HT: Is the evening usually your busiest time? 
MP: Yes, weeknights around dinner time are busiest. The whole family can come out for dinner, mom and dad can both have a drink during happy hour and it’s like they only pay for one. On Saturdays, we have a late night happy hour with karaoke, which is also pretty popular.
HT: What else do you do to bring people in? 
MP: We host NFL draft parties. For around $10 per person, they’ll get a sandwich, unlimited nachos, draft board stickers and usually some sort of prize.8-10 people will set up at a table and bring their laptops to draft their Fantasy Football team. Last year we hosted around 50 draft parties.
Speaking of football, obviously we are a Steelers bar, being that Primanti Bros. originated in Pittsburgh. But we are in Eagles country here and we cater to everyone. We have 27 TVs and surround sound, so it’s a good spot to watch a game.
This is also the official meeting spot of the Penn State Alumni Association Lancaster chapter. There’s a lot of local Penn State support; they’ll come out to watch any sport here! • 1659 Lititz Pike, Lancaster • 717-945-5959
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