Origlio’s Web-based Ordering System* is Now Mobile-friendly & Easier to Use

September 26, 2019

Can 1,000 Customers be Wrong?

That’s how many businesses in the metro-Philly area routinely use our improved system to place their orders – at their convenience – 24/7. “Amazon-like” and “easier-to-use” are just some of the positive responses we’ve received since the most recent update.

Even from your mobile phone you can now…

  • Monitor your sales history.
  • Immediately download a PDF of your invoice.
  • Save time by clicking “Buy Again”, if you are simply duplicating an order.
  • Apply a “filter” to see allocated products.
  • Search for products by style, package or brand family.
  • Never miss out o promotions & discounts. Before checkout, the system automatically reviews your order for special programs you may have missed.


Here’s a peek at the new features…

From the home page, access past orders and account information.


Search products by style, package or brand. Identify allocated products, even view allocated products from previous orders.


View all current discounts & promotions.


The system automatically reviews orders prior to checkout to identify programs you may qualify for.


Of course, you can still view past orders, monitor account balances, receive order confirmations via email and access all necessary contact information for your Origlio delivery service & sales representatives – just like before.

Want to give it a try?

If you have never used our web-based ordering system, select the “Web Order” tab on our home page at Origlio.com.

Or head to weborders.origlio.com, using one of these web browsers – Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. From that page, click “sign up” and follow the prompts.

*Please be advised that Origlio’s Online Ordering System is not supported by Internet Explorer. Also, orders placed by fax are no longer accepted. If you would rather not place orders online, please call Customer Service at 215-698-9500 during normal business hours.


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