Heineken 0.0

March 11, 2019
“During a meeting? After a workout? Before driving? Have a beer. Seriously, now you can.” 
So goes the mission statement of Heineken 0.0 – the world’s best tasting beer brewed without alcohol. 
Already a major hit in the UK, Russia & Spain, we sat down with a few members of Heineken’s brand team: Ashley Phelps, Santiago Murphy and Michelle Sauer to learn more about this innovative product, taking the beer world by storm! 
  1. Heineken 0.0 was inspired by consumers’ rising interest in wellness and moderation. “We wanted to provide a great tasting brew that is in lock-step with the rising cultural trends around living a balanced lifestyle. Heineken 0.0 empowers people who want that balance, without giving up occasions that call for a beer. It’s a zero-alcohol option with zero trade-offs.” 
  2.  We love beer! And sometimes you want to enjoy a refreshing brew, but not the alcohol. Heineken calls these “non-beer moments”, a new opportunity for consumers. “Heineken 0.0 opens up new possibilities. This zero-judgment beer allows consumers to do more.”
  3. Over 30% of adults don’t drink alcohol. Heineken 0.0 provides an opportunity for retailers to specifically target these customers. 
  4. The taste profile of Heineken 0.0 can’t be beat! Especially for those who love beer. “Heineken 0.0 is not a replacement, but an addition to a beer lover’s portfolio. It tastes exactly like a classic Heineken.” 
  5. Developing the best tasting, non-alcoholic beer was no small feat. “Removing alcohol from regular 5% Heineken would have been easy, but it wouldn’t deliver the best tasting non-alcoholic beer. We wanted to push the boundaries, so we gave our Master Brewers a blank sheet of paper and challenged them to brew a perfectly balanced, non-alcoholic lager from scratch.” 
  6. Like original Heineken, Heineken 0.0 is made with all-natural ingredients. “0.0 is double brewed with natural ingredients, which are the same as the ones used to make Heineken (water, barley malt, hop extract and Heineken A-yeast). We gently remove the alcohol with vacuum distillation and blend the brew to perfection with natural flavors.” 
  7. Heineken 0.0 aims to be the go-to option without alcohol on the menu, creating the perfect opportunity to up-sell to consumers, who usually stick to water at on-premise accounts. 
  8. Expect to see tons of marketing support throughout the year – over $50 million worth to be exact. “The Now You Can campaign positions Heineken 0.0 as a cool, non-alcoholic choice for all moments and social occasions.”
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