Dan Kenary, CEO and Co-founder of Massachusetts Bay Brewing Company, Dishes on UFO’s New “Refreshed” Look

May 18, 2017

You may not know the name Massachusetts Bay Brewing Company, but this Boston-based craft brewery makes the award-winning Harpoon and UFO portfolios of beer. Inspired by hefeweizens he drank on a trip to the Pacific Northwest nearly two decades ago, Dan Kenary’s refreshing, sometimes-fruit-infused-&-always-easy-drinking UFO beers (short for UnFiltered Offerings) are the ultimate thirst quenchers. Brewed to be full of flavor, fun and interesting, the UFO lineup now has a new look to match what they’ve always been. Kenary says, “Beer should be flavorful, uncomplicated and fun. That’s what UFO is all about. The new look does a great job of communicating that message.”

“There’s great history, tradition and craft behind UFO beers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be easy to drink,” Kenary says. “Our brewers have nailed the flavors and made beers that are beautifully crafted, but really accessible to a broad spectrum of beer lovers. They’re fun to brew and even more fun to drink. And UFO is competitively priced – a great value for your money! You can’t beat that.”

Here are 10 things you should know about Mass Bay’s out of this world UnFiltered Offerings…

1. Kenary says, “We decided on the name UFO because the idea of a cloudy beer served with lemon was an ‘alien’ concept to New Englanders back in the late ’90s.”

2. If he could only drink one UFO beer for the rest of his life, “It would have to be UFO White Ale. It is so clean and refreshing and goes with so many beer drinking occasions.”

3. The new design tells consumers more about the great beer inside: The glass is the beacon on the package, which shows what the beer inside looks like. And the fonts and colors are fun, friendly, bright and fresh – like the beer inside.

4. The Passport Stamp (“FLAVOR ADVENTURES.DEPARTING DAILY.”) speaks to these refreshing, flavorful beers that leave the brewery every day and land in the glasses of UFO fans.

5. UFO Hefeweizen and UFO Raspberry made the list of Paste Magazine’s Blind Tasted and Ranked 59 Best Wheat Beers (April 2017).

6. There’s a nod to employee ownership on the package. “We want customers to know that everyone at the brewery is invested in the quality of the beer we’re making,” says Kenary.

7. Harpoon and UFO drinkers are different consumers so UFO has its own website (www.ufobeer.com) and social media presence (follow @ufobeers on Instagram and Twitter!).

8. UFO consumers prefer fruitier, easy-to-drink beers, while those who drink Harpoon prefer more complex recipes of hops and malt. The brands should be separated at retail. Mass Bay has created separate promotional programs for each.

9. Look for UFO Cranbeery, a hefeweizen brewed with fresh cranberries, this fall.

10. Check out the recipe for UFO Huckleberry pancakes on ufobeer.com. We’re not kidding, they’re amazing!

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