Celebrate Cinco with Corona and Modelo

March 24, 2017

But did you know that these brands – which post double-digit gains year after year – are growing faster than craft beer and spirits? 

“No matter which channel your business competes in, job one for any retailer is increasing traffic and boosting the bottom line,” says Mike Kugler, Origlio Brand Manager of the Constellation portfolio of beer. “From what I see, the best way to do that in these challenging times – restaurant traffic is down and craft beer sales aren’t what they used to be – is to strategically promote brands that are driving growth and profit. Corona Extra, Corona Light and Modelo Especial are the fastest growing, high-end brands in the country. The demand is there and it is accelerating. To get job one done, why wouldn’t you make the most of Cinco and these best-selling, high-end beers?”

Cinco de Mayo has grown into one of America’s most popular beer-drinking holidays – with revelers consuming more beer on this day than on the Super Bowl or St.Patrick’s Day. Cinco, which falls on a Friday this year, is a bona fide occasion that consumers want to celebrate. It kicks off Corona’s “120 Days of Summer” and gives people a reason, or even permission, to socialize with friends and family over a couple of beers. And when they do, they want authentic, sessionable Mexican beers like Corona Extra, Corona Light and Modelo Especial.

The proof is in the numbers…

Last year according to Nielsen, Americans bought more than $735 million worth of beer during Cinco. Eighty percent of all the Mexican beer sold during that time frame was from the Corona and Modelo Brand Families.

These brands are on fire and here’s why…

“Six of the top eight, fastest growing imports are Constellation brands, that means they don’t just sell during Cinco,” explains Kugler. “Yes, they are Mexican beers, but that’s not the only reason why they are the fastest growing, high-end brands, and by high-end I’m talking about anything that sells for at least $25 per case. These beers are exactly what millennial drinkers are looking for. They want authenticity, more flavor and something they can drink more than one of. And sessionability is key. I can’t tell you how many times I see LDA consumers start the party with a higher octane craft beer and then switch to a Corona or Modelo for the rest of the night. Plus, these consumers don’t want the cheapest thing out there. They want quality and they don’t mind paying for it.And, they think these beers are cool – worthy of a post on Instagram.”

These days it’s hard to predict with any certainty what consumers want to purchase. Fifty to seventy percent of all buying decisions are made at retail, after the customer walks through the door. There is tremendous opportunity to influence what they purchase. Why not get them to ‘trade-up’ to Constellation’s high-end beers? The demand is already there. Why wouldn’t you feature these beers prominently? Why devote tap handles or shelf space to brands that don’t move quickly?

“There hasn’t been a ton of good news lately about beer or restaurant activity,” says Origlio Sales Manager for the on-premise Tim Stammen. “Craft beer sales have slowed dramatically and National Restaurant News [a magazine devoted to all things important to that channel] published an article in February titled ‘Restaurant Traffic Won’t Improve in 2017’.The one bright spot I see is imported beer – make that Constellation beers, imported from Mexico.”

Let Cinco de Mayo be your green light to stock up and feature Corona Extra, Corona Light and Modelo Especial. It’s an easy way to get “job one” done.


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