Brewer's Outlet East

March 22, 2019
Quality beer and service under one roof.
Brewer’s Outlet East is not your average beer distributor. Conveniently located on Lincoln Highway just off Route 30 and mere minutes from downtown Lancaster, BOE is a premier destination for beer drinkers, thanks to owner Nick Patel and his team. An impressive selection and top-notch customer service have become the norm at this shop. And with the kind of experience, knowledge and dedication Patel brings to the table, BOE is in it for the long haul.
Heady Times (HT): When did you get involved in the beer business?
Nick Patel (NP): My family purchased The Beer & Beverage Shoppe (also in Lancaster County) about five years ago. I enjoy the business, so when Brewer’s Outlet East came up for sale, the decision to purchase it was a no-brainer. I’ve owned the store for just over two years now.
HT: What is your beer selection like?
NP: The bulk of our inventory is mass-produced domestic beers; our most popular package is the 30-pack. But since we purchased the store, we have significantly increased the craft selection and our sales have soared. We are selling approximately four to five times more craft than the previous owner. I credit this to the knowledge and experience I gained from The Beer & Beverage Shoppe.
HT: Are single serves & mix-a-six viable packages for distributors?
NP: I believe they will continue to be popular. The consumers in this industry are always looking for the newest thing. The distributors who understand that and cater to those needs will have a strong customer base going forward. I truly believe that, and I believe that segment is going to grow. At the same time, we don’t want to take away our focus from 30-packs, that is our core beer drinker that makes our volume.
HT: Has the store’s customer base changed at all?
NP: For the most part, no. We didn’t have the right product mix before, so while customers previously came here for their cases, they’d have to look elsewhere to fill their craft needs. Now we have everything those customers are looking for, and the smaller craft packages allow for addon purchases.
HT: What makes your store shoppable?
NP: Our wide aisles allow people to move freely. There is plenty of lighting, which is something customers appreciate; customers feel secure, even at night. We take care of our customers. We never hesitate to offer assistance.
I believe that if grocery stores and c-stores are going to get into and stay in this business, the stores that are going to be around are the ones that are going to focus on customer service. And that’s what we aim to provide.
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