The Arrogant Bastard Hits the Road

February 22, 2016

American craft brewers are serious about making great beer, but they also know how to have some serious fun with the names and personas they create for their beers. Suspend your disbelief and read on as the Arrogant Bastard explains his separation from Stone Brewing Co.

Stone Brewing Co., the maker of Arrogant Bastard beers, realized that one brewery just wasn’t enough for two decidedly different portfolios of beer, particularly when one has the outsized ego and personality of The Arrogant Bastard.

The restrictive confines of Stone were no match for the Liquid Arrogance of the new Arrogant Bastard Brewing Co. The Arrogant Bastard (a.k.a. The Bastard) has been set free to roam the world and spread the word about the new venture. After whipping up some Arrogant Bastard Ale in collaboration with Maine Beer Co., Great Divide Brewing Co., Brew Dog and Maui Brewing to raise money for a wonderful charity, Draught Lines caught up with The Bastard to find out the inside scoop on the recent split and what the future holds for this bastard gone rogue.

D.L. What have been some milestones in your Evolution of Arrogance?

A.B. On November 7, 1997, I became a shot across the bow of fizzy yellow beer, foretelling the craft revolution ahead. Originally birthed to sanctify my first anniversary, Double Bastard Ale was later unleashed upon the earth in November 1998 and has since returned only once a year. Over the years, other forms of liquid arrogance have emerged to challenge mediocre flavor and to include an oak-matured spawn (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Arrogant Bastard) and java-infused incarnation of Double Bastard Ale (DEPTH-CHARGED Double Bastard Ale). My brethren and I celebrated our 18th anniversary this year with Bastard Day.

D.L. Why did Stone decide to separate Arrogant Bastard from the brewery?

A.B. Since being unleashed upon the unsuspecting public in 1997, I strived to develop a reputation that some may confuse with a heightened sense of bravado. Well, I’d say self confidence is more like it! Given that it was too much for the Koch/Wagner [founders of Stone Brewing Co.] consortium to handle me, I’ve been pushed out to seek my own identity, one that’s separate from the more approachable Stone Brewing Co.

D.L. Where will you be traveling?

A.B. I’m headed out to make my own way and, in the process, share the gift of liquid arrogance with brewers the world over, who I think may…MAY…be able to utilize it in a meaningful way. Who knows where I may end up. For now, it’s clear that I’ve inspired many, and made a lot of friends along the way.

D.L. Tell us about the brewing collaborations with Maine Brewing, Great Divide, Brew Dog and Maui Brewing.

A.B. These are the good artisans that I’ve sought out, and shacked up with temporarily on my journey. My visits to their brewhouses will no doubt broaden and change both our perspectives. NO ONE has the right to change how I am brewed. I am absolute. Like the color of your eyes, or your fingerprint. Any alterations are fakery. I don’t indulge in fakery. More stops will be made during my travels and you can follow my quests and musings at

D.L. Which charity benefits from the sales of the collaborative Arrogant Bastard brews?

A.B. This world will be made better by me. As I have made this planet a safe haven for those who thirst for more, I shall, through the brewing of these beers, support Foster Care to Success, the largest provider of college funding and support services for foster youth in the nation. For they make the earth a better place for those, who like me, are preparing to head out on their own.

D.L. This has been fun, but all arrogance aside, what the heck happened?

A.B. There has been some confusion. I’ve been getting pinged, a lot, about what the hell is going on with me. “Is Arrogant Bastard Ale being contract brewed?” “Did Stone just turn the contract brewing of one of their beers into a marketing campaign?” I say: Relax. Breathe. Chill. I’m just visiting some of the world’s coolest, most reputable and all-around awesome breweries, sharing myself and partaking of their hospitality. What an honor… for them and me. Who knows where I will end up. Well, you will, should you choose to follow along.

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