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Van Honsebrouck

www.vanhonsebrouck.be In 1900, Emiel and Louisa Van Honsebrouck bought a small farm in Ingelmunster, Belgium and started a brewery. Their sons, Paul and Ernest, joined the family business in 1922. Thirty-one years later, in 1953, the now near-legendary Luc Van Honsebrouck became the brewer and soon had the brewery specializing in beers of high quality. In 1986, the Van Honsebrouck family purchased and restored an historic castle which was built in 1705 by Robrecht de Fries, count of Flanders. This castle was built on top of the ruins of a convent that was itself constructed over an by abbey first built by English monks in 1640. Medieval basements remained the foundation when the castle was rebuilt in 1736. The brewer family Van Honsebrouck bought the castle in 1986, restored it and opened it for public. The cellars of the castle are used to mature beers from the brewery.

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