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Brasserie Dupont is certainly part of the history of Belgian beer. Headquartered in Tourpes, in the center of Western Hainaut, its buildings date back to 1759, and has been brewing continuously since 1844. Since 1950, the brewery Dupont has specialized in the production of fermented beers. Its most popular products are Moinette Blond and Saison Dupont. Today, Brasserie Dupont beers are still produced in the traditional way and distributed all over the world.

Dubuisson has been brewing continuously since 1769—before Belgium was a country and longer than the Trappist breweries. Dubuisson is a shining example of the civic brewer and proud protector of the tradition. Hugues Dubuisson is the eighth-generation family member to direct the thriving business. Dubuisson is in the hamlet of Pipaix, just outside Tournai and in the heart of French-speaking Wallonia. The province where Scaldis is brewed is called Hainaut. The word means “land of groves” and indeed it is the richest agricultural province in Belgium.

Located in Wambeek, Belgium, Brouwerij De Troch is a unique, Belgian, artisanal brewery that was founded more then 100 years ago. The brewery specializes in unique fruit lambics.

Some things never change, and taste and quality of ingredients are as important now as they were in 1887 when Greene King and Sons was launched. Indeed, Frederick King, of a traditional farming background, insisted on only the very best, locally grown, East Suffolk hops, selected for their distinctive aroma and pronounced flavor. When Edward Greene died in 1891 his obituary in the London Star described him as: “one of the first brewers to discover that beer need not be a vile, black, turgid stuff but brewed to a bright amber-colored liquid, full of character and flavor of its own, which he sold at a shilling a gallon and made a fortune.” Greene King brews all of its beers in Bury St Edmunds, where ale has been a feature of life since as far back as 1086. This brewery takes the traditional art of brewing to new heights, producing what is arguably the finest range of cask ales in the world.

Despite the wellspring of incredible beer in Belgium, beer drinking within the country is actually on the decline. And while tradition is wonderful, particularly Belgian brewing tradition, perhaps some novelty is needed to reignite beer drinking within the country, much like that seen during the extreme beer movement in the U.S. The Dilewyns Brewery of Dendermonde has a couple of not-so-secret weapons on that front: remarkable beers and, the young woman who brews them—Anne-Cathérine Dilewyns. Interestingly, there is a legacy of female brewing in the Dilewyns family. In 1875, Anna-Coletta Wauman (Anne-Cathérine’s great-great grandmother and mother of eleven children) turned a former benzene oil factory into a brewery that operated in Dendermonde until WWII, when the brew kettles were confiscated. It wouldn’t be fair to suggest that only Anne-Cathérine deserves praise. however. The beer recipes were first created by her father, Vincent Dilewyns. Vincent took up homebrewing as a hobby in 1999 and with Anne-Cathérine’s assistance the brewery released their first commercial beer in 2011, Vicaris Generaal.

Birra Moretti has a long history of quality beer that started with Luigi Moretti in 1859 in Udine, a small town in the Friuli region of Italy. Born into a wealthy family of merchants, Luigi Moretti was at that time well established in the wholesale business of grain, wine, spirits, food and of course beer. Birra Moretti sold their first bottle of beer in the summer of 1860 and even though the package has gone through minor changes since then, the quality of the product has remained unchanged.

Winner of numerous awards and international tasting sessions, Affligem is Belgium’s abbey brewery of choice. Brewed in the Flemish village of Opwijk, these top-fermenting beers are still brewed according to the original recipes dating back to 1935.

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