Diageo Beer Company USA and Quaker City Malting Co. (QC Malt) worked in collaboration to bring our fine city two new exceptional hard sodas – Lemon Shrub and Old Dutch. Philadelphia is one of only two test markets in the country for the new brand! 

As the founder of QC Malt, Steven Grasse believes in creating brands and products with rich backstories that people can truly care about. He has dedicated his career to working only with brands he can get behind – or creating them himself, taking a very grass roots approach to building brands. In addition to QC Malt, he has created such well-known brands as Sailor Jerry’s, Hendricks gin, Art In The Age of Spirits and he was an integral part in the revitalization of Narragansett Beer. Made with natural flavors and pure cane sugar, QC Malt Hard Sodas are light, sessionable and crisp – wonderful served on their own, over ice or mixed with spirits.

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